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#define CLAM_EMBEDDED_FILE(varname, file)   extern const char varname[];
 Include a given file as binary data.
#define CLAM_EXTERNAL_FILE_DATA(varname, file)   CLAM_EMBEDDED_FILE(varname, file)
 Alias to CLAM_EMBEDDED_FILE, for compatibility.

Define Documentation

#define CLAM_EMBEDDED_FILE ( varname,
file   )     extern const char varname[];

Include a given file as binary data.

  • varname is the variable that will hold the var (const char[])
  • file is an absolute path or a relative path from the build point (not the source file!!)
    Try to make CLAM_EMBEDDED_FILE work with path relatives to the source that uses the macro.

Definition at line 41 of file EmbeddedFile.hxx.

#define CLAM_EXTERNAL_FILE_DATA ( varname,
file   )     CLAM_EMBEDDED_FILE(varname, file)

Alias to CLAM_EMBEDDED_FILE, for compatibility.

Definition at line 47 of file EmbeddedFile.hxx.

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