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Language Learning Tools

At Audacity we've started looking into building an ecosystem of language learning tools, collaborating between different open source projects, such as Freedict. It's a background project - and so it is moving very very slowly. We've got code we're not able to use yet.

  • Our approach has been to look at the Gui issues first, trusting that we'll be able to collaborate with people who know the audio processing/analysis side later on, when we're ready for it. The idea is to leverage our very large footfall, and get people across the world involved in collaborating on language tools.
  • One way our team could perhaps help you at CLAM progress your language learning feature - which we'd just love to see happen - is by us providing background pngs for different languages - a set of language pngs that could be easily shared by different apps. Alternatively we could modify our Voronoi region applet to output in SVG format, so that you could edit the results as much as you want in Inkscape. Our current version of the vowel triangle is already a bit nicer than the one shown here, as we're now using translucency and antialiasing - but Inkscape would do it better still, given the SVG input to work with - and it saves having SVG code in the program. We're currently using antigrain for the translucency and antialisaing in the revised version, and a rather hacked together algorithm to compute the Voronoi regions.
  • We're also looking to collaborate with Voxforge. It's early days though, and these things build up slowly and take time.

We (Audacity) are now unlikely to be running a language themed idea in the 2008 GSoC (for various reasons our first choice is Hungarian), but we would be interested in hearing of any developments on the Vowel triangle idea. We like the idea too. If you (mentors or students) are at all interested in any of this, do drop by at Audacity-devel mailing list (or at our wiki)

James 15:09, 27 March 2008 (CET)

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