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This project desperately needs at least basic info on using the program. The section "First steps" is far from sufficient (besides, following the steps there with your own song does not work at all unless you load the sample project first.)

We need the "Big Picture" for people encountering CLAM for the first time (to replace the collection of implementation details and buzzwords which are Greek to anyone who has not spent years inside the CLAM developer bubble.)

1) What the program does in practical terms. Also, what the program does not do can be equally useful (eg: there are programs claiming to transcribe music but actually do no transcription, just help locate notes.)

2) How the program works from the USER point of view, rather than how it was developed or what parts and features of CLAM it uses.

3) What the program needs to operate and produce useful output for each function, and what is optional and why.

Etc., the more use info there is, the more useful the program is.

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