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2006-05-08 v0.3.1

Review feedback release

  • Using CLAM 0.91 (CVS)
  • Instant views are managed as plugins and can be usable in any suited attribute which can be selected from the user interface. (Views/Add instant view)
  • Instant views optimizations to avoid KeySpace flickering
  • Fix: Artifacts on the segmentation editor view (the wave faded out on some regions)
  • Fix: The extractor console now keeps the aspect of the output
  • Fix: Crash when a descriptor load failed and the audio is longer
  • BocaClient:
    • The BocaClient GUI is now a binary frontend to the python script (to avoid using PyQt3 with qt3 licensing problems in windows)
    • Errors when downloading avoid the Annotator to be launched
  • Windows distribution:
    • Icons for the applications
    • Binary distribution of some python scripts by using Py2exe
    • Dynamic libraries are bundled with the installer to avoid problems
    • BOCA task are binded with the BOCA client
  • Credits and acknoledgements updated on the About dialog.

2006-04-30 v0.3.0

Final SIMAC review release

  • Using CLAM 0.91 (CVS)
  • Ported to QT4 using the new vmqt widgets
  • Build system moved to scons
  • Workflow reworked: Projects from scratch are not only possible but the convenient way.
  • Error conditions on load failures are better managed
  • The project documentation now allows to give some annotation guidelines to the BOCA users.
  • Configurable extractor, schema and project documentation
  • Instant Views: Tonnetz and KeySpace
  • New types:
    • FloatArray type to represent spectrums, pcp's, histograms...
    • FrameDivision: it may be the parent of a 'frame level' scope
  • Extractors:
    • New extractor: Chord extractor
    • All provided extractors follow the same commandline conventions
  • Minor adaptations to the BOCA client to the new services

2006-02-07 v0.2

  • using CLAM 0.90.0
  • New segment editor:
    • Different annotation restrictions depending on the schema. Right now:
      • Continuous segmentation (no gap)
      • Discontinous segmentation (gaps but not overlaps)
    • Consistent dragging
    • Tooltips are faster to appear
    • Tooltips say just the position of the hovered element instead the cursor position.
    • Hovering highlights the limit
  • Optimizations on the song switching and on the display
  • Inserting and removing segments now has its reflexion on the pool
  • Playing the wav and the auralization on different channels.
  • Description schema browser
  • Now, viable projects can be built from the interface
  • A Boca task manager in python is provided

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