Migration to clam-project.org

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  • DONE wiki (yupi!!!)
  • DONE imported all subversions
  • DONE links old wiki to new wiki
  • DONE wiki: close write access to non-logged
  • DONE (with recaptcha extension: to try it...) wiki: see if captcha is possible
  • DONE wiki: es1 and postgrau_pl (low prio)
  • DONE switch clam subversions (on thursday) and "hide" old one. switch means "removed commit access, sync, remove with message"
  • DONE switch clam-related subversions.
  • Migrate web
    • DONE remove languages
    • DONE update wiki links
    • DONE fix broken images (most were wiki links, others are external images)
    • DONE update planet scripts
    • update old pages like About Clam. Move it to the wiki
    • DONE copy non svn web files:
      • DONE downloads
      • DONE videos
      • DONE doc
      • DONE testfarm
      • DONE testfarm_ES1
    • redirect old web to the new one
    • add news about new domain
    • Update wiki links on the news
    • DONE Update svn links (Locally done but not commited until we move)
    • Update wiki links to relative ones once moved to the new server

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