First steps with annotator

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  1. Execute Annotator (from Windows menu)
  2. Open project (if your are running on Windows, get one level up and open Samples dir)
  3. Go to the Song descriptors tab and select a song. Debasers Wooden Hose, for example.
  4. Go to the intra-song descriptors tab. Click the Play button and you should see the animated key-space and tonnetz views.
  5. You can click follow-play button to see a more detailed detection of the chord on the segment properties pane, supporting other modes than major and minor.
  6. To analyze your own mp3 or wav files: Go to the song descriptors tab and do: Project, Add Song to Project. Select the new song, ignore the error message and click Song, Compute Descriptors
  7. Wait until the execution ends and then click Song, Reload Descriptors
  8. Use the What's this button or Shift-F1 to get additional help on any of the graphical elements.

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