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MSVC support has been dropped. See MinGW Devel/Windows MinGW build instead

This is work on progress. Do not use this instructions till its finished.

build tools

  • Download MS Visual Studio 2005 Cpp Express Edition (free as free beer)
  • Download and install cygwin
Install the following packages: From Devel: cvs, subversion, make, open-ssh client. Do not install python cygwin package.
recommended: xorg-x11-bin, gvim, wget
  • Download and install python (2.5) and scons (0.96.1) Windows native versions. (I couldn't find a cygwin scons package)
These are direct download links for the versions I used, but prefere later versions if available.
  • Update PATH environment var to point to python. Go to properties window of "My Computer" under the "Advanced" tab.
    • In my case I had to add this:
    • from cygwin console use scons.bat from cmd console, just scons

Dependent libraris

you can use the one provided by clam tarball.
  • copy the following dlls into the dll dir (or somewhere else in the PATH)
    • pthreadVCE.dll
    • xerces_c_2_3_0.dll
    • libsndfile.dll
    • download and install Microsof DirectX SDK (400 MB! why?)


  • open a console
>"c:\Program files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\vcvarsall.bat"


  • option sandbox_path necessary?


  • xchat for windows

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