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Unsorted tasks

Not all the following tasks are meant to be part of the GSoC project.

spectral transformations

  • Done.png tweak some processings, bounds setting, adding defaults, etc.
  • Done.png (high) harmonizer: port it to realtime and NE
  • Done.png harmonizer algorithm improvement (detunning and delay added)
  • Done.png (high) morph: port it to realtime and NE
  • Done.png (high) pitch-discretization: port it realtime and NE
  • Done.png make a harmonizer prototype with sliders to control each voice pitch gain
  • Done.png time-stretch algorithm port basis
  • Done.png new hoarseness network
  • (high) time-stretch: finish the rt port and have it working in NE
  • Fix gender change: already rt. Improve residual
  • make a network (and a prototype) to control harmonizer voices by midi (needs lv2 host implementation)
  • fix SMS pitch-shift artifacts (bug)
  • improve morph algorithm
  • check if any mAmount dependency remains

audio to midi

  • Done.png fundamental to MIDI at NE and Audio2MIDI test network
  • realtime voice2midi (needs lv2 host implementation)
  • make a network with rt audio to midi-output (needs lv2 host implementation)
  • piano-roll widget for networkeditor/prototyper (needs lv2 host implementation)

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