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improve clam general infrastructure

  • enhance network flow-control (we are currently working on it). flow-control is a plugable entity in charge of scheduling processing execution. not an obvious thing to do since clam processing allow any port (buffer) size.
  • dynamically load processings (like as if they where just typical plugins)

improve clam plugins-host infrastructure

  • better organization (using meta-data) of NetworkEditor processing-tree. the processing-tree includes all the loadable plugins [work in progress: andreas]
  • extend current factory in order to have homogeneous plugin instantiation interface [work in progress: andreas]

new plugins-hosts

  • host ladspa in mac (we should be ready for that)
  • host ladspa in windows (see if someone have already compiled ladspas as dlls)
  • host lv2 [andreas]
    • osc extension
    • midi extension
    • gui extension?
  • vst
  • au

embedded networks

  • clam networks (xml files) seen as plugins. Integrated in the processing tree.
  • publish not only audio-ports but any-type ports (and controls, of course)
  • Make NetworkEditor able to edit sub-networks

improve plugins creation infrastructure

  • refactor network-player-back-ends (such as jack, portaudio, ladpsa) classes to avoid code repetition. now we have a subclass for each back-end.
    • david thinks the could would be cleaner and more usable having a single network-player class with plugable back-ends.
    • the refactoring include better class naming and move sources at an appropriate dir.
  • better SConstruct for compiling network-players into plugins (.dll, .so)
    • improve the way to specify and install the clamnetwork file
  • allow plugin creation from NetworkEditor (choose plugin architecture, etc)

new plugins architectures

  • vst (license issue)
  • generate vsts with clam-prototyped gui [work in progress: pol]
  • vst for mac
  • dssi with clam-prototyped gui
  • others?


  • experimental ladspa host in linux
  • generation of ladspa plugins under linux (needs some refactor)
  • generation of non-gui vst under windows (needs some refactor)

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