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Install dependencies required by CLAM

XCode Tools

The instructions include setting up the environment vars.

Macports packages

  • First, download and install macports binaries that allow search and install other software (similar to apt-get)
  • Check that ~/.profile has been automatically modified with PATH pointing at /opt/local/bin
  • You maybe will need to start a new terminal to refresh the PATH value.
  • If you don't have wget installed it, consider doing it now, it always comes handy:
 $ sudo port install wget
  • Install CLAM dependencies available in darwinports. This command will compile each packages from upstream (the original project site) and will automatically pull its dependencies:
  $ sudo port install xercesc pkgconfig libsndfile libogg libmad libvorbis fftw-3 fftw-3-single cppunit id3lib portaudio
  • python and scons are also in macports. They are needed as build tools. CLAM builds both with scons/python in darwinports and with the native packages.
 $ sudo port install scons

Packages not available in darwinports

UPDATE: these packages are now available: portaudio, qt4-mac qt3-mac

  $ sudo port install portaudio qt4-mac


  • portaudio
  $ wget
untar the package,
  $ ./configure --disable-portaudio
  $ make 
and finally
  $ sudo make install
  • qt4-3.1 precompiled package - recommended
  $ wget
Qt is installed in /usr/local/Trolltech//Qt-4.3.1 so you should define QTDIR accordantly
  $ export QTDIR=/usr/local/Trolltech//Qt-4.3.1
  • qt4.3.1 mac-free (not x11)
  $ wget
and do the typical dance (macport devs devels informed us that a macport for qt4 is on the way). Note: qt is needed in order to build the applications, but you might not need it if all you want to do is build the lib. Since qt takes a long time to build and install it's worth skipping if you don't need it ;)
  • JackOSX and QJackCtrl
download JackOSX
mount it and follow instructions.
Then download QJackCtl
and read README for initial setup instructions.

CLAM sources

You can choose either download a source tarball from the clam website:

or get the latest version of subversion. In this case you'll also need to install subversion macport:

  $ sudo port install subversion
  $ svn co clam

CLAM build

Note that you need to disable LADSPA support when building for Mac. Doing this also means that the RunTimeFaustLibraryLoader cannot be built, but the SConscript in CLAM/scons/libs/core may not recognize this. You may want to apply the following fix:

--- scons/libs/core/SConscript	(revision 14373)
+++ scons/libs/core/SConscript	(arbetskopia)
@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@

 if not env.has_key('with_ladspa') or env['with_ladspa'] == False:
         blacklist.append( 'Ladspa.+' )
+        blacklist.append( 'RunTimeFaustLibraryLoader.+')

Read the CLAM/INSTALL file if you're not familiar with the clam scons build sequence. Basically it's this:

 $ DEV_PFX=~/proj/clamdev # insert your chioice
 $ mkdir -p $DEV_PFX
 $ scons configure with_ladspa=no prefix=$DEV_PFX xmlbackend=none
 $ scons
 $ sudo scons install

  • You may need to disable the XML backend as well and set the prefix somewhere else than /usr/local as indicated above
  • In case you are interested in building the Annotator app, you must build Annotator/vmqt first.
  • All applications should build and run. Inform clam-devel for any problem
  • applications packaging :
    • just do 'scons bundle' and 'scons package'
  • Tip: use non system clam prefix (!= usr/local) for developing


  • If you encounter some errors while compiling the dependecies of CLAM with MacPorts, check that you have a default XCode installation plus the X11 SDK. Otherwise some missing SDKs can break compiliation of some packages.
  • I (Pau) got this weird error when executing clam-unrelated applications like gvim : "dyld: Symbol not found: __cg_jpeg_resync_to_restart" it is a bug explained here: In my case I had to remove /opt/local/lib from DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. You can also add export DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/local/lib but it's not really necessary for CLAM
  • If you have problems with "scons configure" it might be that you are not using macports pkg-config. Check this
  $ which pkg-config
  $ which uic
  If you have non macport versions, change the PATH variable so that it starts with /opt/local/bin
  • If some library fails to configure inform the clam-devel list but you can try with a subset. For example I first compiled clam with this clam.conf :
prefix = '/Users/parumi/clamSandboxes/local'
release = 1
double = 0
sandbox = 1
checks = 1
release_asserts = 0
with_ladspa = 1
with_osc = 0
with_jack = 1
with_fftw = 1
with_nr_fft = 1
with_sndfile = 1
with_oggvorbis = 1
with_mad = 1
with_id3 = 1
with_portaudio = 1
with_portmidi = 0

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