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  • Add plugin functionality (ladspa, clam) to OfflinePlayer. Or any NetworkPlayer class actually.
    • this is super quick. just see ProcessingTree.cxx.
  • load lv2 plugins
  • Hierarchic categories
    • new one: it will allow better organization inside each architecture (clam, ladspas, lv2s...) --pau
  • show info on hover in a processing of PT
    • high, this would need either 1)a new metadata field "doc" or 2)show all existing attributes


  • load lv2 midi plugins
    • after gsoc
  • Windows Ladspas (crosscompiled with mingw)
    • Compile some ladspa suites (the ones in for example)
  • search in PT. similar to quick-silver
  • completion in Add Processing
    • similar to the Amarok search
  • ladspa and lv3 creation classes. needs reorganization (plugin folder) and doc
  • loading and re/loading libs on the fly. needed for faust
  • fix destruction of the Processings (valgrind on NetworkEditor)
  • save controls state with network (to discuss)


  • open ladspa libs bug
    • low


  • Mac Ladspas
  • Refactor RuntimeLibraryLoader to separate Ladspa and clam plugins. Use hollywood (template method) pattern. (Pau)
  • Factory refactoring: unify two registry maps (creator and metadata)
  • Change static metadata classes to Registrator char* constructor for the spacialization plugin
  • The same for (some) clam processings (not plugins)
  • NE/ProcessingTree use some category attribute to construct the tree
  • 'Milestone: get rid of the char* processingClasses[] hardcoded tree.
  • (high) add examples to example-data
  • Registrator constructor with a static array of char* for metadata
  • Registrator refactoring: pull up Registrator to base Factory class
  • Unify RunTimeLibraryLoader and LadspaExplorer
  • Factory:
    • refactoring: clam creators being objects not functions
    • unify clam and ladspa factory
  • (not needed) make LadspaFactory.hxx non-coupled with ladspa headers. so uses of LFactory don't need #ifdef USE_LADSPA. use Pimpl C++ idiom in LFactory.
  • "extensible processings" refactoring: change NetworkEditor processing loading logic
    • 1. put all info about processings in the factory
    • 2. build QTree from factory data.
    • 3. query list of processings of a given category to the factory.
    • add new columns to the associative data-structure: category, description.
  • (must change interaction?) automatic in-control sliders in networkeditor
  • (med) more verbose keys for LadspaFactory. at least including "ladspa"
  • use the real value (get rid of the fixed-value hack)
  • clamp values outside the range
  • (med) load plugins from LADSPA_PATH plus standard paths
  • (med) check for non-valid directory
  • update LadspaFactoryTest with "real" classes
  • don't use a Config in LWrapper. Use NullConfig instead.
  • (med) Network: catch FactoryError
  • load plugins from .so
  • look out OM for Plugin and PluginLibrary
  • check for empty LADSPA_PATH
  • wrapper a plugin
  • early support for libraries (through map and list)
  • complementary data in the QTreeWidgetItem
  • ID for ladspa tokenized with '|'
    • could be useful to include the UID that provides Ladspa (instead of the full plugin name)
  • first steps to instantiate using NetworkCanvas::addProcessing
  • created LadspaPluginsExplorer (structure to hold Ladspa information)
  • pass LadspaFactoryTest
  • created LadspaFactory
  • DummyLadspa to LadspaWrapper
  • created LadspaWrapperCreator
  • (med) comment out non-necessary functions
  • (med) refactor: extract ladspa specific to new files
  • (med) wrapper any plugin in the three


    • compile agains RunTime(Ladsap)Loader.cxx
      • remove this. it is not done this way (decision taken during last refactoring) --pau
  • Use some attribute to distinguish LADSPA and CLAM (and...) => so processing tree does not know about ladspa
    • this can be removed, we resolve ladspas vs clam with categories --pau
  • (med) extract implementation in file LadspaFactory.cxx
  • (low) add Ladspa tree and order it by cat
    • (low) check for # of plugins to make a branch in the tree

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