Devel/Infrastructure Refactoring TODO's

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  • Done.png Configurators for processing in plugins
  • Solving parameter propagation problem
  • Done.png Complex->AudioBuffer IFFT
  • Done.png AudioBuffer->AudioStream OverlapAndAdd (named AudioBuffer2Stream)
  • AudioBuffer2Stream: Provide its own configuration, now taking AudioWindowingConfig
  • AudioBuffer2Stream: solve the gain problem
  • Why window size is windowSize+1?
  • Assert accepting strings (or formatting)
  • Done.png Profile new spectrum processings
    • Done.png Why the mixer is taking all the time!?? -> accessing sample by sample to GetData(sample)
    • Forbid the port.GetData(sample) interface
    • Done.png Prepoint to buffers.
    • Done.png Optimize Sources and Sinks by no accessing the dynamictype accessor on the inner loop

Mingw testfarm

  • Done.png Enabling testfarm for mingw
  • Enable again testfarm for mingw
  • Enabling Tests crosscompile (not ported to use crossmingw)
  • Enabling SMSTools (missing qt3)
  • Read the dictionary from a file
  • Making the dictionary substitution an inner testfarm
  • Reduce the delta on linux and packaging
  • Add configuration options for crosscompiling (currently taking off testfarm configuration)

Audio File IO

  • Add Encoding and Endianess fields to writer's configs
  • Add TextDescriptors to writer's configs
  • Abstract accessors to reader's Header (or to its fields) and to TextDescriptors and remove AudioFile accessor
  • Simplify AudioFile hierarchy
  • Simplify writer and reader Processings inner code
  • Do sample rate conversion

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