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milestone 1 "loading a hardcoded faust .dsp"

  • user edits faust.dsp with external editor Done.png
  • network editor provides a compile-and-load button
(for now it compiles an entire directory, as milestone 2)
  • errors goes to cerr Done.png (used a task runner widget instead)
  • on successful compilation:
    • refresh ladspa factory Done.png
    • refresh QTree Done.png
  • svg diagram window in NetworkEditor that reads the current svg file. Done.png (embedded on widget)

milestone 2 "adding all .dsps in a dir and embedded svg"

  • scons that compiles all .dsp in a dir. Done.png (using 'make' with the original faust makefiles)

milestone 3 "make the diagrams navigable and improve the compilation of faust modules"

  • make the svg diagrams navigable
  • improve the compilation using a standard makefile for faust on new .dsp source files

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