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Debian packaging

  • Done.png How to install the examples. -> Uncompressed
  • Done.png neutral (or debian) distribution in changelog
  • Done.png Make packages non-native
  • Done.png Fill separate ITP bugs in debian for the NetworkEditor
  • Done.png Fill separate ITP bugs in debian for the Chordata
  • Done.png Fill separate ITP bugs in debian for the clam-plugins
  • Done.png Find the GPLv2 only and MIT license files.
    • Done.png Acknoledge GPLv2 code comming from zynaddsubfx in plugins/GuitarEffects
    • Done.png Acknoledge MIT like code comming from RTMIDI/Audio
  • Done.png Remove debian/ folders from upstream tarballs
  • Done.png What to do with VCS fields? -> point to debian folders
  • Done.png Man pages for the extra binaries
  • Done.png Signing the DSC files
  • Getting an sponsor for key packages (clam, plugins, chordata and networkeditor)
  • Annotator: Packaging python scripts
  • Annotator: Adding missing manpages
  • SMSTools: Adding missing manpages


  • Incorporate resample plugin into testfarm and debian
  • Fix the zero sample on Resample
  • Build windows packages for Voice2MIDI
  • How-to: minimal processing with audio ports
  • How-to: processing composite
  • Clean old neteditor tests?
  • Make Assert handler thread safe. Store message in network.
  • Windows path for plugins
  • Look for plugins at clam install path
  • testfarm
    • Unify testfarm client scripts
    • nightly execution: doxygen, release, double, snapshot up


  • Done.png Add GuitarEffects plugin into linux testfarm


  • Done.png Package the plugins
  • Done.png Add a README for each plugin
  • Done.png Migration guide: FactoryRegistrator instead of Factory::Registrator
  • Done.png Update How-to new processing
  • Done.png Testfarm: Add windows mingw client
  • Done.png Testfarm: Include plugin compilation


  • New InControlInt__XXX prototyper bind name
  • InControl__XXX maps the InControl bounds
  • Add InControl bounds to every processing used in prototyped examples
  • Update examples (.ui files)
  • NetworkEditor faust_dir option
  • MSVC NetworkEditor installer (thanks Pol Pros)

0.99 (aka 1.0 preview)

  • hi: windows do not compile. PA errors 'paWASAPI' and 'paAudioScienceHPI' undeclared
  • check debian/ubuntu packages
  • check FC packages
  • check mac osx dmgs.
  • check windows installers

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