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Just taking a clam-devel mail as a start. It should evolve into a kind of FAQ.

  • double check that you don't have a clam installation in /usr. ls /usr/lib/libclam* should give no file.
  • you said you where compiling the "examples". you mean CLAM/examples, right? (or apps like NetworkEditor?) check that prefixs in both CLAM/examples/options.cache and CLAM/scons/libs/clam.conf matches
  • you had different clam installs. this should not be a problem but just in case clean up the install (if not already done). i'm not sure if scon -c works properly so i do it by hand. and then use svn version. (assuming prefix==/usr/local)
rm /usr/local/lib/libclam*
rm /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/clam_*.pc
rm -rf /usr/local/include/CLAM
  • touching a .cxx does not force recompilation! scons is too smart: it does not use timestamps but the content of the source file to decide when it has changed. removing compilation files under CLAM/scons/libs/* doesn't help either on forcing reinstall. the only think you can do is clean your installed files.
  • more radical things you can do: scons -c to clean intermediate compilation files or remove your source tree and do a clean checkout.
  • If compilation gives you errors while running 'moc', about a missing interface, probably you have the QTDIR missconfigure. Assure you have it defined to point a directory where moc can find things such include/QtCore, plugins/designer, mkspecs, bin/moc... Chech the compilation notes for your platform.

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