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How to insert variables in a clam assert message? (which is something extremely useful)

if ( error-condition )
  std::ostringstream os;
    << "err message: "
    << "some var: " << var
    << std::flush;
  CLAM_ASSERT(false, os.str().c_str());

How to plot any kind of data for debugging purposes?

In short, write out the data to standard output and then use python with pylab to plot it.

Now, in detail: In your code, typically in a loop, put cout's like this:

std::cout << data << std::endl;

Then execute the program piping to a file

./OfflinePlayer mynetwork.clamnetwork > debug.plot

Install python-matplotlib package if not already installed. Open a python shell an use plot and show commands of pylab. Like in this example (note the [:-1] is to remove the last empty line)

import pylab
pylab.plot( file("debug.plot").readlines()[:-1] )

Of course you can draw many kinds of plots. Check out this matplotlib tutorial

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