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  • We want to visualize data on the outports
  • Each outport is binded to a single DSP datatype.
    • Ex. The FFT outport data is an Spectrum
  • Each DSP datatype may have different aspect suitable to be visualized.
    • Ex. We could visualize the log or linear magnitude, the complex values, the phase...
  • PortMonitor input port is also binded to a DSP datatype while his output is a data source interface
  • The PortMonitor maps an aspect to a visualization datatype.
  • Visualization datatype is abstracted as a datasource interface
  • The widget reads a given datasource
  • A widget could have several data sources

Processing -(Port Interface)-> Port Monitor -(Data source Interface)-> Widget

We would like also to reuse Widgets and abstract data source interfaces for the non-realtime version (Annotator, SMSTools).

DataPool -(Data source Interface)-> Widget

Use cases

Prototyper Binding

The Prototyper detects a widget related to a processing port. It has to find the monitor processing which bridges the dsp type of the port and the datasource of the widget.

PortMonitor instantiation on NetworkEditor

The NetworkEditor user should be able to attach any view appliable to the data of a port.

Currently se are using the Monitor type name to chose a widget and to embed on monitor's ProcessingBox.

Annotator instant view

Annotator temporal view

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