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This is the CLAM development wiki.

Please, prepend 'Devel/' to any development pages you create here.

Subversion access

Subversion tree contains CLAM libs and applications: NetworkEditor, Annotator, SMSTools and Voice2MIDI.

  • Open and read-only
$ svn co clam

Getting involved

To get involved with CLAM development:



Hot Spots

Things that core developers are eager to address but still not being refined in small tasks. Of course they might need further discussion.

  • Split the processing library and add some plugins as libraries
  • Recursive networks
  • Run-time error handling and NetworkPlayer status feedback
  • Static network scheduling (Based on Pau's Thesis)
  • Hot wiring (allowing changing the network without stoping it)
  • Parametrized networks (Network configuration, propagated to processings' config)
  • Parameter propagation through the data-flow
  • Offline networks (visual prototyping on storing and retrieving data from Pools)
  • Extend the usage of new single representation spectrums to Spectral and SMS processings.
  • Ease widget plugin creation (binders for plots, type managers for configurations...)
  • Unify Do() return value semantics. One solution is do it void Do()
  • Implicit Consume and Produce when using ports (flow control does it).
  • Properly manage sampling rate
  • More plugins: VST, VSTi, LV2...
  • Better qt designer integration

Hot Ideas

  • Network based music tracker (Controls being sequenced in time in a order list plus pattern way)

Prepare and apply a patch

We only give write access to the repository to developers with experience with clam development. But this not a problem since you can always send a patch to the devel-list, and clam-devs will take care of it (and we use to be quick).

We like receiving patches very much. Please do it even for very small things like improving the INSTALL file, or grammar corrections in the code comments. (So imagine how we like receiving bug-fixes!). Luckily, working with patches in subversion is very easy:

  • How to create a patch with your local modifications?
Change dir to the root of your svn tree (the directory containing CLAM/ and NetworkEditor/, etc.) and do
$ svn diff > good-description.patch
You can also add new files in a patch by doing "svn add <newfile>". This adds the file locally -- doesn't need commit access.
However, if you do so, when the patch is commited by somebody else, svn up will generate a confict with the local added file. Therefore do "svn rm <newfile>" before updating for the applied patch.
If this fails, apply brute force: move the directory containing the new file elsewhere (out of the svn tree). And do restore it with "svn up".

  • How to apply a patch (that maybe somebody posted to the list)?
Change dir to the root of your svn tree and do
$ patch -p0 < the.patch

We prefer the patches being sent to the clam-devel mailing list. The issue tracker will be used when patches can not be applied (or discarded) immediately and need to remain on hold for some time.

Pass the automatic tests

Checkout the clam test-data repository:

$ svn co clam_data 

Change dir to CLAM/test and compile with scons providing the following options (no installation step is needed):

  • clam_prefix --which is the prefix where you installed clam. /usr/local by default
  • test_data_path --the path to the clam_data sandbox (local copy of the repository).

For example:

$ scons clam_prefix=~/local test_data_path=~/clam_data

Then execute unit and functional tests:

$ ./UnitTests/UnitTests
$ ./FunctionalTests/FunctionalTests

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