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Control migration guide

Since we're implementing typed controls some interface will change in the future.

The most important change is that Get*Controls will return a Typed*ControlRegistry filled with BaseTyped*Controls, and BaseTyped*Controls will have only part of the interface that *Controls have now.

Get*Control will return a BaseTyped*Control, so we are in the same situation.

For those who were using GetInControl and GetInControls to retrieve controls from a processing and doing a SendControl/DoControl/GetLastValue we have implemented the following functions:

  • SendFloatToInControl
  • SendFloatToOutControl
  • GetFloatFromInControl


1) this: proc.GetInControls().GetByNumber(1).DoControl(100); should be now rewriten like this: SendFloatToInControl(proc, 1, 100);

2) this: proc.GetInControls().Get("MyInControl").DoControl(100); should be now rewriten like this: SendFloatToInControl(proc, "MyInControl", 100);

3) this: proc.GetOutControls().Get("OutControl 1").SendControl(100); should be now rewriten like this: SendFloatToOutControl(proc, "OutControl 1", 100);

4) this: value = proc.GetInControls().Get("MyInControl").GetLastValue(); should be now rewriten like this: value = GetFloatFromInControl(proc, "MyInControl");

Note that the three functions have both by name and by number interfaces.

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