Constructing and playing a simple network

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This simple program just plays a file specified by command line to the audio output.

Check the Network Editor tutorial to see how to do that with a patching visual interface.

To compile this example you can use this SConstruct file


// Updated to 1.1 (svn)

#include <CLAM/Network.hxx>
#include <CLAM/PANetworkPlayer.hxx>
#include <CLAM/MonoAudioFileReader.hxx>

int error(const std::string & msg)
	std::cerr << msg << std::endl;
	return -1;

int main(int argc, char ** argv)
	if (argc!=2) return error ("needs a filename.");

	CLAM::Network network;
	std::string reader = network.AddProcessing("MonoAudioFileReader");
	// Configure the reader
	CLAM::MonoAudioFileReaderConfig cfg;
	if (!network.ConfigureProcessing(reader, cfg))
		 return error("Could not open the file");
	int length = ((CLAM::MonoAudioFileReader &) network.GetProcessing(reader)).GetHeader().GetLength()/1000;

 	// Add an audio sink and connect its input to the reader's output
	std::string sink = network.AddProcessing("AudioSink");
	network.ConnectPorts(reader+".Samples Read", sink+".1");

	// Set the audio backend to PortAudio
	network.SetPlayer(new CLAM::PANetworkPlayer);

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