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This page explains how to develop your own library of processings, to be used with the NetworkEditor/Prototyper tandem or any other CLAM based application.

Some examples can be found in the source directory CLAM/plugins

A sample SConstruct file

You can use this simple SConstruct file to compile all the processings found in a folder and create a dynamic library with them.

Don't forget to change the 'libraryName' variable to your own library name

import os, glob, sys


def scanFiles(pattern, paths) :
	files = []
	for path in paths :
	return files

def recursiveDirs(root) :
	return filter( (lambda a : a.rfind( ".svn")==-1 ),  [ a[0] for a in os.walk(root)]  )

options = Options('options.cache', ARGUMENTS)
options.Add(PathOption('clam_prefix', 'The prefix where CLAM was installed', '/bad/path'))
if sys.platform=='linux2' :
	options.Add(BoolOption('crossmingw', 'Activates the MinGW Windows crosscompiling mode', 'no'))

env = Environment(ENV=os.environ, options=options)
options.Save('options.cache', env)
env.SConsignFile() # Single signature file

CLAMInstallDir = env['clam_prefix']
clam_sconstoolspath = os.path.join(CLAMInstallDir,'share','clam','sconstools')
if env['crossmingw'] :
	env.Tool('crossmingw', toolpath=[clam_sconstoolspath])
env.Tool('clam', toolpath=[clam_sconstoolspath])
	] , CLAMInstallDir)

sourcePaths = recursiveDirs(".")
sources = scanFiles('*.cxx', sourcePaths)
sources = dict.fromkeys(sources).keys()
if sys.platform=='linux2' :
	env.Append( CCFLAGS=['-g','-O3','-Wall'] )
libraries = [
	env.SharedLibrary(target=libraryName, source = sources),

install = env.Install(os.path.join(CLAMInstallDir,'lib','clam'), libraries)

env.Alias('install', install)

Build the library by doing:

$ scons clam_prefix=path/to/installed/clam/prefix

Install it the same place you have CLAM by issuing:

$ scons install

Usage: Run time mode

As for CLAM 1.2.0 we can load processing plugins on runtime, just by placing the library in a given directory:

  • One of the colon/semicolon separated paths on CLAM_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable
  • ~/.clam/plugins
  • /opt/lib/clam
  • /usr/local/lib/clam
  • /usr/lib/clam

The former SConstruct script install the library at $clam_prefix/lib/clam when you issue:

$ scons install

Considering your prefix is at ~/local you could run the NetworkEditor or any CLAM based application this way:

$ CLAM_PLUGIN_PATH=~/local/lib/clam NetworkEditor

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