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This page gives advice on how to approach to CLAM.

Installing and building

Binary packages are available for major platforms, so check out the download page before spending your time compiling from the source code.

When building from source code, look first of all the INSTALL files distributed with the source code. CLAM applications also have an INSTALL file themselves.

Some platform specific issues are documented by the user community on the Documentation section (See Installation notes).

Using the applications

Major application distributed with CLAM have a tutorial. Also on the wiki main page. Usually a Help menu option of the application leads you to the application manual page on the wiki.

Getting insight on CLAM concepts

A very recommendable step is reading the Network Editor tutorial. It explains the Network Editor application itself but also gives insight on

  • Main CLAM inner concepts such as Processing, Port, Control, Configuration...
  • The processing objects which are available (SMS, Spectral, TonalAnalysis...)
  • The visual prototyping work flow (how to visually develop applications)

Coding with CLAM

Then, you might want to create CLAM applications which can not be just prototyped, or to define brand new processings. The wiki home page contains short howto's targeting concrete and progressive goals.

Further information may be get from the doxygen documentation

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