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We just set up this page so that anyone using clam for his own project can get some public awareness. Feel free to put a short description, project status, screenshots and any links you can provide to your project.

Italian speech synthesizer

SMS ITALIAN SYNTHESIZER is an application developed by ISTC/CNR, Padova, Italy, by Piero Cosi, Carlo Drioli and Giacomo Sommavilla. It started as the Giacomo Sommavilla's thesis.

Ontology-based P2P music share system

Ontology-based P2P music share system is an application developing by DSP center, IOA, CAS, by Jun Wang, Qiong Wu and Jun Hong. A portion of it is Jun Wang's thesis topic. The link will be valid in a short term.


Hydraulophone at Ontario Science Centre imgp4940rp.jpg

Steve Mann, Ryan Janzen, and James Meier have used CLAM for the software components of their Hydraulophone.

nonlimited Synthesizer

nsynth: Digital Synthesizer with new approach of handling in mind.

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