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Presenting CLAM project:
	Framework for application development and research on audio and music
	Recall presentation yesterday on 3D audio capabilities
	Showed integration with LADSPA, JACK, OSC, Blender, Ardour...
	CLAM enabled a fast project integration
		Short path from prototypes to actual applications
	Common tasks (external communication, interface, configuration...)
	Common interface eases recombination
	Our intention is CLAM to be a nice guy in the LAD community
		Knows lingui franci: OSC, JACK, LADSPA, VST...
		Talks with everybody
		Reuses existing projects
		Collaborates with existing FLOSS projects
	Welcome new hands to the project
	Wiki contains 
		road map to documentation
		tutorials for apps
		goal oriented recipes for programmers
Application prototyping:
	Open an existing network (SMSTranspose?)
	Show the backend indicator
	Launch qjackctl and connect inputs and outputs
	Play, talk and stop
	Explain: kind of tokens not just audio
		Those are spectrums and spectral peaks
		Different colors for different
		Not limited to a given set of types
		Extendable by plugins to any well behaved C++ class
		Two different flows ports and control
	That's the processing core of our application
	To get a full application we need some interface
	Don't reinvent the wheel, use qt designer
	CLAM provides Qt plugins with useful widgets
		to display data
		to send and receive controls
	Open the related interface
	Show how the names relate to the network
	How to obtain this encoded name? Context menu in NE ports
	So we have two XML files, the network and the interface
	We want to get an stand alone app with network+interface
	Prototyper does that. Launch it.
	We could choose backends
Algorithms demo:
	TODO: decide which ones to show up
	TODO: What about show about 3D
Plugin prototyping:
	Backends are a very powerfull notion in CLAM
	A backend could be a plugin platform
	Making ladspa plugins? Ladspa button
		Asks the metadata and builds a dll with the network
		Generates the code and builds it
		Of course, CLAM load LADSPA, so we can use a network as LADSPA
		Hate generated code? Take a look at it, compact, do it yourself
	What about VST?
		Same applies
		Just need a crosscompiled CLAM
	TODO: Faust. Nael?
	More comming: LV2, AudioUnits, VSTi...
Building networks:
	TODO: Close to the tutorial but using new usability features
Processing algorithms:
	TODO: Choose the ones to show and order
	3D audio (room acoustics, hrtfs, vbap, ambisonics, hoa)
	Spectral analysis
	LPC/MFCC analysis
	SMS analysis
	Tonal analysis
	Rhythm analysis
	Spectral transforms
	SMS Transforms (Voice, monophonic music)
Extending clam:
	TODO: Programming processings
	(X) Programming backends
	(X) Programming monitors/controllers

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