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The fast dirty way

If you just want to build the packages for your own distribution state, and you don't care about build dependencies and having an up-to-date system. Do the following:

  • If fedora is not your native platform chroot to the fedora partition.
export FEDORA_ROOT=/media/sda5
sudo mount /dev $FEDORA_ROOT/dev --bind
sudo mount /home $FEDORA_ROOT/home --bind
sudo mount /proc $FEDORA_ROOT/proc --bind
sudo mount /sys $FEDORA_ROOT/sys --bind
sudo chroot $FEDORA_ROOT
  • TODO: Install dependencies
  • install the rpmbuild package
yum install rpm-build
  • Create a ~/.rpmmacros with those lines
%packager      CLAM Team <>
%vendor        Universitat Pompeu Fabra
%_topdir       /home/testfarm/rpmbuild
  • Create the needed folders
mkdir -p ~/rpmbuild/{BUILD,RPMS,RPMS/i386,SOURCES,SPECS,SRPMS}
  • run the clam/CLAM/scripts/ and move the tarballs to ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES
  • Do a symbolic link to the spec file
ln -s clam/CLAM/scons/libs/clam.spec ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
  • Execute the script
rpmbuild -ba /home/testfarm/rpmbuild/SPECS/clam-0.X.X.spec
    • It will build a source rpm in ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS containing the tarball and the SPEC file
    • It will decompress the tarball into ~/rpmbuild/BUILD
    • It will call the build section from ~/rpmbuild/BUILD
    • It will call the install section with the specified BUILDROOT /var/tmp/CLAM-buildroot
    • It will build the binary rpm packages into ~/rpmbuild/RPMS
  • Once done, don't forget to exit the chroot and umount the mounted points
sudo umount $FEDORA_ROOT/dev
sudo umount $FEDORA_ROOT/home
sudo umount $FEDORA_ROOT/proc
sudo umount $FEDORA_ROOT/sys

The proper way

In progress

Using mock to compile with up-to-date packages, different distributions and assure dependencies correctness.

  • Init the chroot (you need to do this just once)
mock --debug -r fedora-6-i386-core init
  • Add additional sources to the mock configuration at /etc/mock/fedora-6-i386-core.cfg
[livna] Fedora Compatible Packages (stable)

  • Later builds, just need to update it
mock --debug -r fedora-6-i386-core chroot yum update

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