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Started at 2013-05-06 17:16:59

TASK: "Update Sandbox"
Change log for /home/testfarm/testfarm [OK]
:: d2f2e4d296ae3727b959b8900564ac826ce16bfc - David García Garzón <> mailreporter: using configuration :: edc466cacc4c27091760e481f052b222de4dfd60 - David García Garzón <> v1 code moved to v1/, v2 to root :: 9a85b55a20e51a5b8174fd4b02d9f8d90187a576 - David García Garzón <> Some notes on installation :: 6cd48e4d63acfe96c221d8c0d497dad0e45ada49 - David García Garzón <> Updated TODO :: 6884a6f2010ad29b18aa7d6e3877dbbfa42447c3 - David García Garzón <> removed remaining v2/ references
Updating /home/testfarm/testfarm, 909a54d700c666b9d1cfa19f55ff9c9c8e6161b8 -> 6884a6f2010ad29b18aa7d6e3877dbbfa42447c3 [OK]
END OF TASK: "Update Sandbox"
TASK: "count lines of code"
echo /home/testfarm//testfarm/src [OK]
testfarm_v1_loc: 0
echo /home/testfarm//testfarm/v2 [OK]
testfarm_v2_loc: 0
END OF TASK: "count lines of code"
TASK: "Deployment"
cd /home/testfarm//testfarm/v2 [OK]
rm $(find -name '*.pyc') [OK]
END OF TASK: "Deployment"
TASK: "Unit Tests"
cd /home/testfarm//testfarm/v2 [OK]
echo no command specified [OK]
/bin/sh: 1: ./ not found
END OF TASK: "Unit Tests"

Execution '20130506-171659' finalized with a SUCCESS

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