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Started at 2013-05-06 08:31:20

TASK: "Update Sandbox"
Change log for /home/testfarm/testfarm [OK]
:: ce5d6572fe61f675912a4a18a2119726352c6a94 - David García Garzón <> json: currentExecution if running, used in summary :: 8c56fa72b9e2c6bc264787f286cdf250f6963056 - David García Garzón <> tested logger's client.currentExecution :: dc25a542b66e4bcfb9eb4f8862def5fca01486d6 - David García Garzón <> summary: better formating of the running tooltip :: 909a54d700c666b9d1cfa19f55ff9c9c8e6161b8 - David García Garzón <> ircreporter simplified and configurable
Updating /home/testfarm/testfarm, c8c19e5aa53e808774896d7862c43f12d2ed7d7f -> 909a54d700c666b9d1cfa19f55ff9c9c8e6161b8 [OK]
END OF TASK: "Update Sandbox"
TASK: "count lines of code"
echo /home/testfarm//testfarm/src [OK]
testfarm_v1_loc: 3964
echo /home/testfarm//testfarm/v2 [OK]
testfarm_v2_loc: 8093
END OF TASK: "count lines of code"
TASK: "Deployment"
cd /home/testfarm//testfarm/v2 [OK]
rm $(find -name '*.pyc') [OK]
END OF TASK: "Deployment"
TASK: "Unit Tests"
cd /home/testfarm//testfarm/v2 [OK]
echo no command specified [OK]
./ [OK]
unittests: 263
echo no command specified [OK]
exectime_unittests: 27.4359970093
END OF TASK: "Unit Tests"

Execution '20130506-083120' finalized with a SUCCESS

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