CLAM::Enum Member List

This is the complete list of members for CLAM::Enum, including all inherited members.
DeepCopy() const CLAM::Enum [inline, virtual]
Enum(const tEnumValue *values, const tValue &value)CLAM::Enum [inline, protected]
Enum(const tEnumValue *values, const std::string &value)CLAM::Enum [inline, protected]
GetClassName() const CLAM::Enum [inline, virtual]
GetString() const CLAM::Enum [inline]
GetSymbolMap() const CLAM::Enum [inline]
GetValue() const CLAM::Enum [inline]
LoadFrom(Storage &storage)CLAM::Enum [virtual]
operator tValue() const CLAM::Enum [inline]
operator=(const tValue &v)CLAM::Enum [inline]
operator=(const std::string &v)CLAM::Enum [inline]
operator=(const Enum &v)CLAM::Enum [inline]
SetValue(const tValue v)CLAM::Enum [inline]
SetValue(const std::string &s)CLAM::Enum [inline]
SetValueSafely(const tValue v)CLAM::Enum [inline]
SetValueSafely(const std::string &s)CLAM::Enum [inline]
ShallowCopy() const CLAM::Enum [inline, virtual]
Species() const =0CLAM::Enum [pure virtual]
StoreOn(Storage &storage) const CLAM::Enum [virtual]
tValue typedefCLAM::Enum
~Component()CLAM::Component [virtual]
~Enum()CLAM::Enum [virtual]
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