LadspaProcessingExporter.cxx File Reference

#include <cstdlib>
#include <cstring>
#include "LadspaProcessingExporter.hxx"
#include "Audio.hxx"
#include "AudioOutPort.hxx"
#include "AudioInPort.hxx"
#include "OutControl.hxx"
#include "Processing.hxx"
#include "ProcessingFactory.hxx"
#include "LadspaLibrary.hxx"

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namespace  CLAM
namespace  CLAM::Hidden


static LADSPA_Handle Instantiate (const struct _LADSPA_Descriptor *descriptor, unsigned long sampleRate)
static void ConnectPort (LADSPA_Handle instance, unsigned long port, LADSPA_Data *data)
static void Activate (LADSPA_Handle instance)
static void Run (LADSPA_Handle instance, unsigned long sampleCount)
static void Deactivate (LADSPA_Handle instance)
static void CleanUp (LADSPA_Handle instance)

Function Documentation

static void Activate ( LADSPA_Handle  instance  )  [static]
static void CleanUp ( LADSPA_Handle  instance  )  [static]
static void ConnectPort ( LADSPA_Handle  instance,
unsigned long  port,
LADSPA_Data *  data 
) [static]
static void Deactivate ( LADSPA_Handle  instance  )  [static]
static LADSPA_Handle Instantiate ( const struct _LADSPA_Descriptor *  descriptor,
unsigned long  sampleRate 
) [static]
static void Run ( LADSPA_Handle  instance,
unsigned long  sampleCount 
) [static]
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