Simac Namespace Reference


class  ChordCorrelator
 Correlates PCP's with different ideal chord PCP's. More...
class  ChordExtractor
class  ChordSegmentator
 ChordSegmentator divides the analysed audio data into segments characterized by different chords. More...
class  CircularPeakPicking
 This processing takes a vector of scalars magnitudes and returns a list of peaks found considering that the first and last bins are neighbors. More...
class  CircularPeaksToPCP
 This processing constructs a PCP doing the weighted histogram of the energy of a set of circular chromatic peaks. More...
class  CircularPeakTunner
 This processing takes an array of circular peaks with position at pitch units [0,12) and corrects them to be tunned given a tunning center and a reference tune. More...
class  ConstantQFolder
 The ConstantQFolder takes a ConstantQ transform and folds its bins into a single Octave to create a Chromagram. More...
class  ConstantQTransform
 ConstantQTransform extract a ConstantQ spectrum using Blankertz's paper algorithm. More...
class  InstantTunningEstimator
 This processing estimates the most probable tunning of a set of chromatic peaks. More...
class  PCPSmother
class  SemitoneCenterFinder


static double complexModule (const double &real, const double &imag)
 returns the absolute value of complex number real + i*imag
static double nextpow2 (double x)
static double squaredModule (const double &xx, const double &yy)

Function Documentation

static double Simac::complexModule ( const double &  real,
const double &  imag 
) [static]

returns the absolute value of complex number real + i*imag

Definition at line 32 of file ConstantQFolder.cxx.

Referenced by Simac::ConstantQFolder::doIt().

static double Simac::nextpow2 ( double  x  )  [static]
static double Simac::squaredModule ( const double &  xx,
const double &  yy 
) [static]

Definition at line 36 of file ConstantQTransform.cxx.

Referenced by Simac::ConstantQTransform::sparsekernel().

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