SDIF Namespace Reference

Used to read or write an SDIF file. More...


class  Collection
 A special Storage to store Frames in a linked list. More...
class  File
class  OpeningsFrame
 A special kind of frame at the beginning of each SDIF file. More...
class  Frame
 SDIF data is stored in frames, that contain number of matrices. More...
class  FrameHeader
 Base header for all frames. More...
class  DataFrameHeader
 An extension of FrameHeader, that is used for data frames. More...
class  MatrixHeader
 The header for each Matrix. More...
class  Matrix
 Contains frame data for an SDIF frame. More...
class  ConcreteMatrix
class  Storage
 Storage is an abstract class, that is passed to File, used to handle every read frame. More...
class  Stream
 SDIF has a notion of streams: each frame contains a stream id. More...
class  TypeId
 Used to store the Frame and Matrix types, a 4-byte identifier. More...
class  GetType
class  TUTF8byte
class  GetType< CLAM::TFloat32 >
class  GetType< CLAM::TFloat64 >
class  GetType< CLAM::TInt32 >
class  GetType< CLAM::TInt64 >
class  GetType< TUTF8byte >
class  GetType< CLAM::TByte >


enum  DataType {
  eUnknown = 0, eFloat32 = 0x4, eFloat64 = 0x8, eInt32 = 0x104,
  eInt64 = 0x108, eUint42 = 0x204, eUTF8byte = 0x301, eByte = 0x401


CLAM::TUInt16 Swap (const CLAM::TUInt16 &val)
CLAM::TUInt32 Swap (const CLAM::TUInt32 &val)
CLAM::TUInt64 Swap (const CLAM::TUInt64 &val)

Detailed Description

Used to read or write an SDIF file.

When reading, the File parses the whole files and passes the read Frames to a Storage, typically a Collection to store all in memory.

Note that the Storage is responsable for the freeing memory of the read frames, though File creates them.

SDIF files use BIG ENDIAN byte order for the data storage. SDIFFile takes care of fixing the byte order in case the operating system is not BIG ENDIANm,

See also:

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 69 of file SDIFType.hxx.

Function Documentation

CLAM::TUInt64 SDIF::Swap ( const CLAM::TUInt64 val  ) 

Definition at line 347 of file SDIFFile.cxx.

CLAM::TUInt32 SDIF::Swap ( const CLAM::TUInt32 val  ) 

Definition at line 329 of file SDIFFile.cxx.

CLAM::TUInt16 SDIF::Swap ( const CLAM::TUInt16 val  ) 

Definition at line 316 of file SDIFFile.cxx.

References SDIF::File::Pos().

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