SigSlot::Connection Class Reference

Class that model connections between signals and slots. More...

#include <Connection.hxx>

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Public Types

typedef unsigned tConnectionId
 Type declaration for the ConnectionId.

Public Member Functions

 Connection ()
 Default constructor.
 Connection (tConnectionId id, Signal *connectedSignal)
 Explicit constructor.
Connectionoperator= (Connection &s)
 Assignment operator.
 Connection (const Connection &s)
 Copy constructor.
tConnectionId GetID () const
 Accessor to the GUID.
 ~Connection ()

Detailed Description

Class that model connections between signals and slots.

This class model the concept of signal and slot connection i.e. the knowledge a signal has about who it has to notify whenever the client invoke the Emit( ) method on a Signal object. Also it becomes the passage through the Slot::Unbind method can access the bound signals to disconnect them. Each time a Signal and a Slot are bound together a Connection object is created, being tagged by a Global Unique IDenfier ( GUID ). These GUID's are reused whenever the Connection object holding it is destroyed.

See also:
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Member Typedef Documentation

Type declaration for the ConnectionId.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SigSlot::Connection::Connection (  ) 

Default constructor.

Initializes the Connection so to be nil. This constructor should not be used from the client: its existence is justified for allowing to have Connection objects inside STL containers

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References NULL.

SigSlot::Connection::Connection ( tConnectionId  id,
Signal connectedSignal 

Explicit constructor.

Initializes the object with a GUID and a reference to the Signal the Slot is being connected to.

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SigSlot::Connection::Connection ( const Connection s  ) 

Copy constructor.

See also:

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SigSlot::Connection::~Connection (  ) 


When connections are destroyed it is checked that the connection is active, if that is the case then the Signal is notified about not calling anymore the involved slot object.

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Member Function Documentation

tConnectionId SigSlot::Connection::GetID (  )  const [inline]
Connection & SigSlot::Connection::operator= ( Connection s  ) 

Assignment operator.

Copies the Connection object provided, keeping the GUID and the reference to the signal. To avoid owning problems, the source Connection object is marked as 'disabled'.

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