CLAM::IndexArray Member List

This is the complete list of members for CLAM::IndexArray, including all inherited members.
AddElem(const TIndex &elem)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
AllocatedSize(void) constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
AllocatedSizeInBytes(void) constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
Apply(TIndex(*f)(TIndex))CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
Apply(TIndex(*f)(TIndex, int), int parameter)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
Array(TSize size=0, TSize step=1)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
Array(TIndex *ptr, int size=0)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
Array(const Array< TIndex > &originalArray)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
CopyChunk(int pos, int size, Array< TIndex > &) constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
DeepCopy() const CLAM::Component [inline, virtual]
DeleteElem(int where)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
Empty() constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
GetClassName() constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline, virtual]
GetPtr(void) constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
GetPtr(void)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
GetStep() constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
GiveChunk(int pos, int size, Array< TIndex > &) constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
IndexArray(int size=0)CLAM::IndexArray [inline]
Init()CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
InsertElem(int where, const TIndex &elem)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
LoadFrom(Storage &storage)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline, virtual]
msgDeleteOutOfRangeCLAM::Array< TIndex > [static]
msgIndexOutOfRangeCLAM::Array< TIndex > [static]
msgInsertOutOfRangeCLAM::Array< TIndex > [static]
msgSetSizeOutOfRangeCLAM::Array< TIndex > [static]
operator+=(const Array< TIndex > &src)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
operator=(const Array< TIndex > &src)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
operator[](const int &i) constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
operator[](const int &i)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
OwnsMemory() constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
Reset(void)CLAM::IndexArray [inline]
Resize(TSize newAllocSize)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
SetElem(int where, const TIndex &elem)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
SetPtr(TIndex *ptr, int size=0)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
SetSize(TSize size)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
SetStep(TSize step)CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
ShallowCopy() const CLAM::Component [inline, virtual]
Size(void) constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
SizeInBytes(void) constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
StoreOn(Storage &storage) constCLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline, virtual]
~Array()CLAM::Array< TIndex > [inline]
~Component()CLAM::Component [virtual]
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