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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000321   [CLAM]
Module: AudioIO
majornew2013-03-17LADSPA bug IO swapping
  0000029    [CLAM]
Module: Processing
majornew2012-06-12CLAMTest::SpectralDescriptorsTest::testSpread fails
  00000281   [CLAM]
Application: SMSTools
majorconfirmed2012-06-08Porting SMSTools to Qt4
  0000027    [CLAM]
Module: Core
minornew2012-06-08libxml++ errors are always shown on the console but no way to get them progamatically
  0000026    [CLAM]
Module: Processing
minornew2012-06-07Remove nagging warnings running unittest on FFT size being odd or even
  0000023    [CLAM]
Infrastructure: Build System
featureassigned2012-04-04Build windows NSIS installables from the automated mingw build script
  00000213   [CLAM]
Infrastructure: Build System
majorresolved2011-09-21Plugins do not load in Ubuntu Oneiric
  00000221   [CLAM]
Application: NetworkEditor
crashfeedback2011-09-20NetworkEditor crashes after removing a processing and save
  00000071   [CLAM]
Application: NetworkEditor
featureconfirmed2011-09-19Make the binders available to other applications than the prototyper
  0000020    [CLAM]
Infrastructure: Build System
featureacknowledged2011-09-19Python dependency missing in Windows
  0000002    [CLAM]
Infrastructure: Mantis
featureassigned2011-08-29Make new mantis bugs be reported to the devel mailing list.


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