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0000036CLAMModule: Tonal Analysispublic2016-03-13 18:302016-03-13 18:30
0000036: FourierTransform writes past end of array and mixes up half of spectrum
This is a respin of the patch that I sent to the mailing list in July 2014.
It fixes the following errors:

 - _spectrum has 2*mFrameSize elements but when i is 1, we store the imaginary part in _spectrum[mFrameSize*2-1+1].

 - When we start the second loop with i=1, _spectrum[n*2] and _spectrum[n*2+1] don't belong to the same complex number for n > mFrameSize.

 - _spectrum[mFrameSize] and _spectrum[mFrameSize+1] were never assigned.
Build CLAM with USE_FFTW3.
Run chordata inside valgrind.
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patch FourierTransform.patch (570) 2016-03-13 18:30
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