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0000035CLAMModule: Corepublic2015-03-05 13:402015-03-05 13:42
1.4 (current stable release) 
0000035: Compilation error with clang / scons/libs/processing/src/SpectralEnvelopeExtract.cxx
I'm porting CLAM to FreeBSD, and the compiler on recent version is now clang.

It needed some patches to Sconstruct to support FreeBSD, but after that compilation starts, and then fails with this error:

scons/libs/processing/src/SpectralEnvelopeExtract.cxx:56:88: error: addition of default argument on redeclaration makes this constructor a default constructor
        SpectralEnvelopeExtract::SpectralEnvelopeExtract(const SpectralEnvelopeExtractConfig &c = SpectralEnvelopeExtractConfig())
                                                                                              ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
scons/libs/processing/include/CLAM/SpectralEnvelopeExtract.hxx:66:3: note: previous declaration is here
                SpectralEnvelopeExtract(const SpectralEnvelopeExtractConfig &c);
FreeBSD it not necessary, just use clang.
I check-outed the latest devel version, and that error is still there.
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