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LinuxUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Linuxmint13)12.04 LTS
1.4 (current stable release) 
0000032: LADSPA bug IO swapping
This bug appears with a exported LADSPA plugin from a Clam Network.

After loading the plugin i.e. in Ardour 2.8, everything works fine. I saved the session in Ardour, quit, then start Ardour and the session again.

The Ins (or Outs) of the plugin are swapped!

Quit again, start again, then the Ins (or Outs) are okay OR swapped (seams to appears randomly)

I figured this out in a simple 2-Ins - 2-Outs plugin, left became right and right became left.


More significant was was with a 2-Ins - 4-Outs plugin (this is a "Stereo Send" plugin) :

1. I created an ardour session with a stereo track and a stereo bus.

2. Put 4 outs to the stereo track, connected outs 1 and 2 to the ardour master and 3 and 4 to the Bus (and bypassed the 4-channel matrix in ardour in order to have each signal alone to its proper output).

3. load the plugin, it works perfectly. Here the screenshot. [^]

Notice the "Track level" is routed to the master and the "Send" to the Bus (called "echo")

4. Then I raised the "Send" controller and it works, the signal is going to the bus, too. [^]

For more example, the next screenshot, only the "Send" signal is going through and the "track level" is muted.

That means everything is exactly how it should be.

5. But now, after saving, quit, restart ardour and the session, it looks like: [^]

You can see the "track level" is going to the Bus and the "Send" to the Master!!


Here another screenshot showing the same problem with other hosts. [^]

More infos in this thread: [^]

Install the plugins and try out as described before;)

The Stereo Send plugin (2 ins and 4 outs): [^]

The StereoLevel plugin (2 ins and 2 outs): [^]
LADSPA, Networkeditor, Plugin
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Sorry I forgot a screenshot. Here, after

For more example, the next screenshot, only the "Send" signal is going through and the "track level" is muted. [^]