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0000003CLAMInfrastructure: Build Systempublic2011-08-26 16:372011-08-26 16:37
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1.5 (current development) 
0000003: New modular scons build system
Modify the old builds system so that we can get ride of many legacy scons code. Some features we want are:

- Modules can be defined either inside clam or independently
- Modules can define their own clam dependencies and are compiled in order
- Modules can define their own config variables and external dependencies
- Full integration with pkg-config (checks, flags and pc file generation)
- Include the goodies we have in apps and plugins (color, verbose...)
- Proper uninstall target (not deleting configured files)
- Proper stages (no installing until building)
- Module definition should be declarative or data driven.
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