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0000016CLAMInfrastructure: Websitepublic2011-08-29 09:092012-02-24 08:16
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1.5 (current development)1.5 (current development) 
0000016: Integrate testfarm with the rest of the website
Because the reasons argued in 0000014, testfarm page should be appended the static website navigation menu at the top.
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child of 0000014resolved dgarcia Inconsistent navigation on the website 
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2012-02-24 08:16   
Take a look to the new javascript based testfarm sumary page: [^]
It is better integrated with the rest of the website.

More over, it is more lightweight (no historical data, thought available on 'Details'). The page retrieves testfarm data an rebuilds itself without reloading.

If you hover a the building column while 'Running' you see the current task.
If you hover a 'Failed' cell you see the failed subtasks.