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1.5 (current development)1.5 (current development) 
0000015: Integrate the wiki within the rest of the web
Modify the mediawiki skin so that pages within the wiki seem consistent with the static website. That includes having the static website menu included at the top with a similar apearance and having a similar style for the content.
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2011-08-29 09:06   
Status report: I created a new wiki skin named 'Clam'. Still not the default as i consider it far from acceptable. You can activate it in your wiki user preferences page.

Right now it has the menu which is quite similar to the one in the static website and it applies the static website style to the rest of the content.

Still a couple of things must be achieved:
- On one side, the wiki header breaks the static website layout we should do deeper changes to the base 'Vector' skin.
- On the other, some aspects of the static website css has to be changes so that it can be applied in a nice way to the wiki content and extra elements.
2011-09-07 00:30   
Created a wiki skin which reensembles clam style, and applied as a default skin.