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0000014CLAMInfrastructure: Websitepublic2011-08-29 08:492012-02-24 08:46
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1.5 (current development) 
0000014: Inconsistent navigation on the website
Many options of the page menu translate the navigation away to a different page that has not such navigation menu: wiki, planet, testfarm... This makes hard the exploration of the website.

A solution for that would be, for example including the same menu in all the subpages: planet, wiki, bugtracker, testfarm...
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parent of 0000013resolved dgarcia Generate web from an skeleton 
parent of 0000012resolved dgarcia Intregrate the planet within the rest of the web 
parent of 0000015resolved dgarcia Integrate the wiki within the rest of the web 
parent of 0000016resolved dgarcia Integrate testfarm with the rest of the website 
parent of 0000017resolved dgarcia Integrate mantis with the rest of the website 
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2011-08-29 08:51   
0000013 is suggested as first task for this one as having a common skeletton extracted makes the task easier.
2012-02-24 08:46   
All sub bugs of this one are closed so i close this one.