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0000013CLAMInfrastructure: Websitepublic2011-08-28 03:482011-08-29 19:24
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1.5 (current development)1.5 (current development) 
0000013: Generate web from an skeleton
Often, whenever we want to change something from the website we have to change every page. This makes the web quite hard to maintain and it gets old. We should use an skeleton and content files, just like wiko does in html input mode.

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It would be easy to do by using wiko. Several issues to solve:
- content/ directory with the html content should non browseable by apache
- planet templates should be also generated and wiko does not support that at the moment
2011-08-29 16:17   
Changeset clam_web [749] by dgarcia, 2011-08-29 16:17:47 -0700 (Mon, 29 Aug 2011)
 * WIP for bug 0000013: Static pages and template generated index ported to wiko
 * Missing: Planet (Requires extra styling), bugs, wiki
 * Requires minor changes in WiKo to be commited
A trunk/content/
A trunk/content/doc.html
A trunk/content/download-linux.html
A trunk/content/download-old.html
A trunk/content/download-osx.html
A trunk/content/download-source.html
A trunk/content/download-windows.html
A trunk/content/download.html
A trunk/content/index.html
A trunk/content/index.html.tmpl
A trunk/content/license.html
A trunk/content/links.html
A trunk/content/mailinglist.html
A trunk/content/planet.html.tmpl
U trunk/doc.html
U trunk/download-linux.html
U trunk/download-old.html
U trunk/download-osx.html
U trunk/download-source.html
U trunk/download-windows.html
U trunk/download.html
U trunk/index.html
U trunk/index.html.tmpl
U trunk/license.html
U trunk/links.html
U trunk/mailinglist.html
A trunk/skeleton.html
A trunk/wiko.config
2011-08-29 19:24   
Done with all static pages. Still not working with mantis and wiki but will be addressed when wiki integrates. which is bug 0000015